10 Best food for dinner in UK

Best food for dinner in UK

With history the united kingdom is known to be a home of  Rich, unique and delicious dishes

That way there are many delicious options to pick from whether You are looking for a simple light meal, maybe something traditional or something bit international flair

Right in this article we will be taking a deep look at some of the best food options that are available for dinner in the UK

UK dinner options

there are lots of dinner options available

E.g for those who like sea food they can either go for mashed potatoes and smoked salmon or Grilled mackerel with baby potatoes and some other options available.

While the meat eaters can go for shepherd beef and roast lamb which is being served with roasted root vegetables , beef wellington 

You can also choose to get your food from any fast food options below

Fast food: McDonald’s, KFC

Healthy food: fish and chips, salad

 Traditional British Dinner dishes

1. Appetizers

Known to be eaten first before the main course of meal

Usually a small serving of food taken which can be

ham and cheese roll ups: being seen as the easiest and quickest to be prepared 

Do contain about 5 ingredients when you want to do the same

And in under 10 minutes you are done preparing 

Ingredients needed are: cream cheese, ranch seasoning, Sliced American cheese, Deli ham, tortillas and you can also add some other ingredients.

Homemade chili cheese dip: Need you to get four ingredients for which are 

  • Chream cheese
  • Chili
  • Salsas
  • Shredded cheddar cheese

mini pizzas : Something anyone can make his/herself just with the right ingredients

Then serve with veggie tray and ranch dip

ingredients: Dough ingredients, toppings, pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese.

Tater tot dip: this has to be listed when we make mention of the best food for dinner in uk

Ingredients are:

3 cups of thawed tater tot dip

1 cup of cooked ground beef

16 oz sour cream

1/4 tsp salt

2 tsp Mrs dash salt-free seasoning

You can learn more on how to prepare Tater tot dip yourself

below are the other types of Appetizers you can pick out and start with.

Buffalo tater tot dip 

pizza sliders


Bread and dips

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Best food for dinner in uk


2. Main course

The main course of a meal, Where you are being served the largest 

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And the following meals are usually being given 

Fish and chips: anyone can prepare this easily

Just with the right ingredients and you should have it ready within 85 minutes.

Roast beef: you can also choose to go with a roast beef which require not much 

And also fit to be listed amoung best food for dinner in uk 

The below can also be taken as one you might want to try

Sunday roast

Toad in the hole

Shepherd pie

Chicken Tikka masala

Vegetarian option

3. Dessert 

After the main course meal another food usually follow which we know as the dessert meal, the sweet course eaten after the meal  

Chocolate cake: one that is easy, quick and delicious 

Which you can make all by yourself with the below ingredients

Chocolate cake ingredients


All-purpose flour

Baking powder

Unsweetened cocoa powder

Baking soda





Boiling water

Vanilla extract

Espresso powder

Click here to learn how to make yours

Apple pie: With about 12 ingredients you can make your own yummy apple pie in less that 4 hrs

Sticky toffee pudding: this also should not be out of the list

A with about 10 ingredients you can confidently make your own

4. Drinks

After you must have eaten to your satisfaction you need to add a drink to add the flow and digestion

Below are drink you can try out 


Soft drinks



Wrapping up

In Conclusion on best food for dinner in uk 

With uk having a vast range of nutritious and delicious options for dinner

They have something special to offer every night of the week

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