Can You Eat French Fries On Daniel Fast

 Can you eat french fries on Daniel fast ?

Eating french fries while on Daniel fast can be a difficult thing to do, on Daniel fast it is Known that you need to avoid eating something processed and unhealthy here will discuss on the question “Can you eat french fries on Daniels fast

 french fries are usually deep-fried in oil and since Daniel fast forbid any added oil or fat it might be assume that this kind of traditional snacks should be avoided 

However, there is a way you can enjoy french fries using another method while still adhering to the fast


What is Daniel fast

Daniel fast is a spiritual, partial fast that is being taken from the biblical prophet Daniel in the old testament

Being seen as opportunity to focus more deeply in faith and connection with God 

It usually last for 21 days and can be done anytime during the year

It is biblical in nature as Daniel himself did it to seek deeper understanding from God



Three instance where recorded in the bible when Daniel abstain himself from certain food while also praying seeking for guidance and wisdom from God 

During this fast participants are known to abstain from meat, dairy products and alcohol, processed sugar while consuming fruits, whole grains and vegetables

A goal to not only focus on physical nourishment but spiritual nourishment through prayer and meditation


Health Benefits of the Daniel fast 

The Daniel fast offers both physical and mental health benefits for it rich nutritional ingredients 

This type of fasting helps reduce craving For processed food filled with saturated fat and sugar which over the time help reduce cholesterol levels 

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Also provide excellent sources of minerals, vitamin and fiber that aids digestion and keep you full longer between meals

Most importantly this helps reduce inflammation throughout the body leading to overall functioning.


21 day daniel fast rules

The Daniel fast don’t have strict rules as many may think, and one of which

All animal products are being prohibited from the daniel fast 

Processed foods such as white bread and pastas are not allowed save only Whole grain or brown rice 

Within their diet plan no other canned or frozen items are allowed except fresh fruits and vegetables are only permitted within the diet plan.


Foods to avoid on Daniel fast

 To stay true to it purpose their are rules and things you have to avoid in order to get what you  made you start the fast

Avoid leavened bread, artificial sweeteners, Dairy products and yogurts should not be consumed when the fasting is going on.

Frozen meals and canned foods should also be avoided.

Flavouring and preservatives are not excluded


Drawbacks of eating french fries on Daniel fast

Eating french fries on Daniel fast might be a way to satisfy your craving but it could actually have some drawback

So for that most of some traditional ingredients found in french fries are not allowed in Daniel fast

French fries as explained earlier are usually being deepfry in oil 

French has their own version of french fries which is being known as “jeune sec” which allows little consumption of fat and oil 

To any one following the True Daniel fast should avoid it.

Many store french fries contain preservatives and flavour enhancer which can be unhealthy

Not following the rules on Daniel fast is more like you not doing the right thing


Can you eat french fries on Daniel fast

Remember, the Daniel fast require no processed, cooked or deepfry food

Since it is following what the biblical Daniel did when fasting

So it is not allowed save only fruits, vegetables, nut and seeds.


Is salt allowed on daniel fast

With what some people believe, salt was not part of what Daniel use during the fast therefore it should not be included

While another group believe that since salt has nutritional benefits therefore it should be included during the fast

With that it is up to you to decide whether to include that when carrying out your fast.


Can you eat bread on daniel fast

Bread being a essential part of many diet and also known to be a source of comfort though not allowed since it is usually being processed

But with modified version which allows certain type of bread with their guidelines


Can you eat rice on daniel fast

You can’t eat anything being refined and processed except whole wheat, millet, whole grain pasta and some others


Ways to prepare fries without violating fast

How then can you eat french fries without violating the Daniel fast rule

The best way is to avoid anything that will need to go through process

Choose some other alternative

Wrapping up

In conclusion, The Daniel Fast being a spiritual practice that involves abstaining from certain foods (foods that are being processed french fries being one of them)

Following a modified version may allow you consume some amount of french fries but the decision is yours to take.

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