When Can I Eat Spicy Food After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When can i eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal, you can eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal when you are no longer experiencing pain, swelling or bleeding which can take 7 to 10 days

For those who like taking something spicy a lot but recently got their wisdom teeth being removed

It might be very difficult since eating spicy food might cause discomfort to the individual


Right here in this post will be discussing what to do while you recently got your wisdom teeth being removed and how to take your spicy food during that time

What is the wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth as it is being called is the top located at the end of the mouth upper and lower jaw, it is known to be the last to erupt

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The wisdom teeth when there is no room for it to erupt it can cause pain and infection

Many people believe the wisdom teeth is more beneficial than the others.

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How the wisdom teeth is being removed

Firstly the dentist will inject the gum with anesthesia so as to numb the area this way you don’t have to fell much pain

Then the dentist will take out the teeth out of it socket which can take about an hour when you want to remove the whole wisdom teeth but takes lesser time if they are to remove one or two.

After it has being removed, your dentist will stitch the wound and prescribe antibiotics and analgesics to help prevent infection and pain

What to expect after wisdom teeth removal

There are few things you need to expect after the surgery

You surely have a swollen mouth and cheeks which is certain to be worst for the first few days

Unpleasant taste in the mouth

Pain and swelling




Eating after wisdom teeth removal

Within the first 24 hours take only soft food like yogurt, potatoes and sweet potato without skin

Soft bread or pasta cooked to a soft consitensy

foods to avoid after wisdom teeth removal

Try your best to avoid spicy food so as to avoid discomfort and irritation occuring

Avoid solid food within the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery only take something liquid to avoid causing

It is very much fine to eat fruits and vegetables this way it help you recover quickly without having to cause you pain or irritate you

When you notice excessive bleeding do well to meet your dentist

Importance of following a soft food diet

Following the soft food diet plan it helps minimize the risk of complications also helps reduce swelling

It also aids the wound healing process

When can I eat spicy food

You can only eat spicy food after you have fully recovered so as to not delay the wound healing up

Tips for eating spicy food

It is not advisable you take spicy food to avoid irritation, if you have ever felt the butm of hot pepper you should understand that taking spicy food should be on a limit

Don’t take too much of it do you won’t have to wait longer for your gum to heal up

Just stay by the rules given to you by your dentist and you should be good to go.

Maintaining good oral hygiene

Avoiding hot and spicy food immediately after surgery

Gently rinse the area with antimicrobial mouthwash and don’t wash the area with a brush until the dentist tell you it is safe to do so

can i eat spicy food after tooth extraction


Final though and recommendation

You can start eating spicy food when you think you are feeling much more better and the wound had healed up

The best you can do is just to get a better advice from your dentist as he might be able to give you more advice on what to eat and what not to eat

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when can i eat spicy food after wisdom teeth removal

Don’t get things wrong

It is possible to eat spicy food a day after food extraction but can put you in discomfort and cause irritation


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